2020 - Odd year for no Events...

Hi all, hope your well. Not been that active on the blog side of things tbh for a while. Mainly busy with work and trying to move house which was finally done in August and oh yeh.....Covid19!

Been such a shambles for shows, and well only did the 1 which was Autosport International. I just hope 2021 is a better year for all of us, all owners all clubs alike. Having had chance to reflect on the fact we have had no events this year, I decided it would be great to have some magical event abroad. One that will never be forgotten. One that will never be repeated.

So, I am in the planning of a 24 hrs open track day in Spain. Yes, it wont be cheap. but I promise you this - 4 days of sheer driving fun. The scenery, the adrenalin, the fun. Importantly new friendships, and of course the memories.

Want to know more? Than make sure you keep an eye on the link below over the next few weeks, where September 2021 is about to get exciting.....


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