New Discount Trader ! OBD Discovery

So you have a ST1 or RS1 car and you need some activations to upgrade and make your car support ST/RS2 or ST3/RS3 hardware upgrades?

Well good news, via a great member of ours Jason Brookes, you can get some simple software upgrades via the OBD port and increase the functionality of your car.An example of this is a Focus ST2 and you've fitted a steering wheel with cruise control, you need to make it work by having the vehicles software updated to make it work ;)

The exciting news is is that any other mods you add and need more activation's made you can use the same code and get 50% off for life!!!

This deal is only available to Ford-Mania Gold members who pay £10 a year ;)

Check their page out but be aware, all member enquiries will be double checked against our membership database and if not a paid gold member you will occur the full 100% cost of anywork undertaken by OBD Discovery.

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